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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you allow dogs?

Yes! We allow well behaved and leashed dogs. Excessive barkers may be asked to move to the patio and aggressive dogs will be asked to leave. Accidents will be the responsibility of the owner. Dogs wearing Incendiary bandannas may get extra treats. 

*At the Raleigh location, dogs are permitted in the taproom but are prohibited in the adjacent courtyard.

Are kids allowed?

Kids are allowed but we ask that they remain under strict supervision of their parents. We have wide open spaces and big crowds. Please be considerate of other patrons when children are playing. Please no riding scooters or bikes near other guests and tables. For their safety, please do not allow children to climb on structures.

Where should I park?

Downtown Winston-Salem: We don't have our own parking lot but there is street parking on Fourth St and Patterson Ave. There are also two parking decks right beside us. 

Lewisville: Overflow parking is located in the middle of the old vineyard as you pull into the drive.

Raleigh: We suggest the parking deck on Boylan Ave that is only a block away.

Do you have flights?

Yes, we have flights but there may be times that we put a hold on serving them. At times of extreme volume or during events, we may pour out of plastic cups and will not offer flights. Flights are not offered in Lewisville or Raleigh, but small pours are available on all drafts. 

Do you have anything besides beer?

Yes! For the non-beer drinkers, we have hard seltzer, hard cider, and some varieties of wine. Outside alcohol is prohibited per NC ABC laws.

Can we bring in food from next door?

We love our restaurant neighbors and want you to enjoy them too. You're welcome to have any food brought in or delivered at any of our locations. 

If we don't have a food truck, feel free to bring your own food to Lewisville. Charcuterie boxes by Dogwood Eatables are available at the Lewisville location via the QR codes at the bar.

Where can I get one of your t-shirts?

All of our cool swag can be purchased in all of the taprooms. If you don't live nearby, shoot us an email and we can probably help you out. Pictures can be found on our social media.

Can we reserve tables for our group?

Reservations can be made for group events of 25 or more people. There is a tab minimum or rental fee that is applied to all group reservations. All other tables are first come first serve. For more information, please email the taproom manager at All reservations are done via email and cannot be taken over the phone.

**Please allow ample time for a response instead of calling the taproom**

Code of Conduct: This is a space where everyone is welcome, kids and dogs included. Any sort of aggression (verbal or physical) towards staff or other guests, will not be tolerated. Any violations of state laws or house rules will be grounds for dismissal from the property. 

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